Issues with custom nodeTypes: 500 Internal Server Error

Hi all,

I’m encountering some issues when defining a custom NodeType containing a ContentCollection.
Most of the time everything works fine. The NodeType is editable in the backend (both in raw-content view and in in-place view) and displayed perfectly in the frontend. But after e.g., changing the site structure in the backend and without changing anything in the configuration file of the NodeType the following internal server error appears in the frontend and in the in-place view:

After deleting the custom nodeType in raw-content view everything works finde again. It is possible to add the nodeType again and getting a working site. Sadly the error reoccurs after some time.

I’m running Neos 3.0.2 and PHP 7.1.2.

NodeType Fusion configuration:

# "Section" element
prototype(Site:Section) {
    sectionItems = ContentCollection {
        nodePath = 'sectionItems'
        content.iterationName = 'sectionItemsIteration'
        attributes.class = 'section-inner'

Anyone familiar with this problem?


Hi Marcel,

did you try to flush the cache and deleted the Configuration/PackageStates.php ?


Hey Christian,

jap, I already tried that but without any positive result.