Issues with site:export, the root node and the goal of moving Neos from one Server to another

I keep running into this issue! (In different szenarios) I thought I had it under control even thought it seemed necessary to setup Content Dimensions and run the “migrate-command” to make sure that this error won’t show up in my plain (new Site-Package) Neos 3.1.0 installation and no special Settings, when running ./flow node:repair .

Now I am facing this issue again in another situation. My local Neos Site seems to be working fine, like I am finally about to go live with my first Neos-Site, but when trying to transfer it to a Managed Server (Premium) at domain factory ( everything falls apart again…

I have been trying to use the flow site:export which seems to be a pretty cool approach, but with no luck so far.

Now I ended up doing the following:

  1. I did a complete SQL-Dump
  2. imported it to the Server-Database 
  3. flushed all Neos Caches: ./flow flow:cache:flush --force

All approaches let me run into some kind of the same areas and no access to either front nor backend. Neos is set to german so here is the Frontend-Error:

Fehlende Startseite
Entweder wurde noch keine Site definiert, eine bestehende Site enthält noch keine Startseite oder es konnte keineaktive Site ermittelt werden.
 #1346950755: Homepage could not be loaded. Probably you haven't imported a site yet
Weisen Sie entweder einer bestehenden Site eine Domain zu oder importieren Sie eine neue Site über das Setup-Tool.

And here the Backend-Error:

#1303209195: No controller could be resolved which would match your request. Package key: "@user-goalador", controller name: "Standard". (GET

In the logs I keep seeing this : "“This is probably due to a missing baseworkspace for the workspace of the current user.”

Those Errors seem to make sense if Neos can’t find anything at the /sites root node, but it should be the same as my local System now…

Please help me!
Thanks Robin

Is it possible that the two setups have different dimension configurations. This can happen if Neos.Demo is installed on one of the instances.

Hey Martin,
no I have never installed Neos.Demo. I started with a plain Site-Package on my Local Server. Then I installed Neos via composer on the Live-Server and then without running the setup at all there, I imported the SQL-Dump.

There are many different tries in between and some new ones already… For now I am just trying to understand some of the behaviors I am facing and to understand how the correct workflow would be.

Why I can’t just “mirror” my local Server?

Also I would really like to understand why I can’t even access the Backend…

I just tried the new UI, there it says:

Argument 1 passed to Neos\Neos\Ui\Fusion\Helper\NodeInfoHelper_Original::defaultNodesForBackend() must implement interface Neos\ContentRepository\Domain\Model\NodeInterface, null given

If you installed the default neos-distribution you get Neos.Demo by default. Please verify that on both sites. You can also check this by running ./flow configuration:show --type Settings --path Neos.ContentRepository.contentDimensions i think you will find differences there.

The scenario i want to check first is that you probably have a site with nodes without any dimension but from neos demo the language dimension is inherited with default en_US (see that will make neos look for a node in en_US wich is not there. That would lead to the no site error you described.

Also I would really like to understand why I can’t even access the Backend…

The problem with the be lies in the nature of the current ui that works as an augmented website. If no site is there there is nothing to augment. You can only access install in that case.

Regards Martin

You are absolutely right, even though I don’t see how this is happening.
Again, there aren’t really two Systems but mostly a copy of my local one. At the same time the Live-Server shows, that my defined content Dimension of my Local-Server is not available at the Live-Server.

I assume that all my site:import and site:activate aren’t really enough for some reason. When doing a site:list I only see my own defined site…

What should I do now? Why are my Packages/Sites/…/Settings.yaml not working? Even though everywhere I look the System tells me my Site is active?

Thank you!

Oh wow it works!!!

All I needed to do was:

./flow package:deactivate --package-key 'Neos.Demo'

And suddenly I can access everything!
Thank you so much Martin!
(Btw. also for giving me the last little push to just use Neos at the Meetup in HH)