JetBrains free Open Source licenses for Neos Team

Dear Neos Team,

like I did many moons ago for the TYPO3 project, I recently applied for free licenses for JetBrains products for the active contributors of the Neos Project. JetBrains offers an “All Products Pack License” for eligible projects – that means, you get a license key which is valid for all of their products, including Phpstorm, Datagrip, Goland and more.

The paperwork is now done and I have good news: we were accepted for the program and were just provided with 15 licenses which we can use!

What’s important to mention: These licenses are only valid for non-commercial development on Open Source projects. This means that you must not use such a license for any customer work!

For example, we at Flownative use Phpstorm for all of our PHP development. Since we are using it for commercial work, too, we will not (be able to) use the free license for Phpstorm (and it totally pays off for us to pay for Phpstorm of course). But, we might use other JetBrains products for other work we do in the Neos Project. And there may be team members, who don’t use Phpstorm yet, but would like to do so when developing Neos.

With that being said: If you are an active Neos team member, and adhere to the rules (see above), you can have one of the licenses we’ve got. Just send an email to Karsten or me ( using your full name and Neos email address.




Thanks for taking care. As I use PhpStorm also for customer work and the most Neos contributions are JavaScript wise, I will skip and let others use the free license. But it is awesome that we have some.

BTW VSCode is just awesome for JS and sadly has not that awesome php support.

Don’t be shy though – if you can make use of a license, just ask for it. We certainly can get more licenses if we have more active contributors who’d like some.

@markusguenther btw, I use this PHP plugin for VSC and it works like a charm:

@robert thanks for the effort! If I’d be doing PHP development for Neos more I’d certainly ask you for the key.

@dimaip Yes tried it already, but miss the extended inspections and some other small features.

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