I install PhotoSwipe in my Neos 7.0 installation. How can I add PhotoSwipe? I can’t find a node to add to my collection. While looking at the resources, I found various nodes, but none of them appear. Is there a way to specifically configure PhotoSwipe for it to appear in the node menu?
I tried to add these nodes to NodeTypes.Collection.Content.Main.yaml in Neos.Demo, nothing happens.
‘Jonnitto.PhotoSwipe’: true
‘Jonnitto.PhotoSwipe: LightboxMixin’: true

I use Neos 7.0 for Neos.Demo test.

Probably @jonnitto knows :slight_smile:

This package provide only abstract mixing for properties. You can see an example of the integration here: Jonnitto.ImagesInARow

But basically the Lightbox needs following markup:

<a class="lightbox" href="link/to/the/large/image.jpg"  data-size="__widthOfImage__x__heightOfImage__">...</a>

You can read more about the needed markup here: provides this functionality out of the box, but be aware, there is Version 3 in the making, who will be released soon.

Thanks Jonitto,
I updated several sites built with Neos 2.3 and 3.3 and use DL Gallery, after upgrading to 4.3, 5.3 or 7.0 it no longer works. I checked installing clean Neos with Neos.Demo site. The gallery is created, but by clicking on the pictures of the gallery it opens in a new window, does not form a photo swipe lightbox, all data is loaded into the footer. So think to try your PhotSwipe because the idea is the same. I think it also acts as a plugin out of the box.
I will look for another solution. Thanks!