Keep Domain name in NEOS backend

Hi everyone,

I went live with my website hosted at Mittwald.
The Domains root path is set to “neos/Web/” directory, I have also added the domain to Sites Management.

Now I have the following behaviour:
When accessing the backend in my Browser, I’m opening my domain/neos. Now I´’m being redirected to “

Is there a way to keep the domain name when using the backend?

Thank you very much

Strange, apparently this domain is then advertized by the server as main domain…

You might try to configure the baseUrl setting

      baseUri: ''

Hi @christianm, thank you for your reply.
I have set the baseUri in the Settings.yaml file of my Site Package and cleared all caches. I’m still being redirected to the internal URL. Is this the right configuration file?

best regards

Should be fine, you can check the Configuration module in the backend to see what the final ocnfiguration currently looks like.

Thank you, the internal baseUri was set in the root Settings.yaml by default.
Now the right URL is set :blush: