Kickstarter How-To?


I’m looking for a clean base-neos-installation with minimized boilerplate for sites.xml.
Have Found in Kickstarter Doku: [cite] This command generates a new site package with basic TypoScript and Sites.xml [/cite]

Did a

composer require typo3/neos-kickstarter


composer update
Kickstarter-Packages is installed:
<img src="//" width="214" height="68">

But the command ```./flow typo3.neos.kickstarter:kickstart:testsite``` 
throw the error:
No command could be found that matches the command identifier "typo3.neos.kickstarter:kickstart:testsite". 

Have tried different other commands: No change.
 ```./flow help shows``` an incomplete situation: TYPO3.Kickstart is not listed.
I restarted also terminal. 

Obviously I understand something wrong. But I do not know what to look for.
Does anyone know a How-two or could give me a small tip in the right direction?


Hey Martin,

try ./flow kickstart:site My.SitePackage MySitename
I’m not 100% sure if that is correct but you definetly need to supply a package and sitename so either
./flow kickstart:site My.SitePackage MySitename
or this
./flow typo3.neos.kickstarter:kickstart:site My.SitePackage MySitename
should work.


Hi David,
thanks for your help.

Oh, I see: I misunderstood the docu: guess :site is the sitename :blush:. But needed a SitePackage could be a dead-end in my situation. Because I’m looking for a clean and crisp sites.xml for this.
But I tried in Demo.Site

composer require typo3/neos-kickstarter
composer update

And found the right command for execute in folder «neos-base-distribution» [within flow.bat and flow]: (how nice are working/real examples in documentation)

./flow typo3.neos.kickstarter:kickstart:site Vendor.Sitename Neos.Demo


In the new sites.xml there are three entries with

Changing these entries later is certainly not really effective. And I also have trouble with “migrate” with: ````./flow node:migrate 20150716212459```


- So, If you would use it for german, Do you only change this entries to de_DE? - Are there easier ways to get a clean and crips sites.xml with perfekt skeleton for a new project?
  • Did someone know a good how-two for a base-package sites.xml: As flexible and adaptable as possible?
  • Or are there better Construction possibility for new projects?

I’m just creating the skeleton locally with my project and use the site:export command then to generate the Sites.xml
That way it’s a lot easier to create the Sites.xml file but I don’t know if it’s the recommended way.

Hey David,
your are right. Thanks: The Kickstarter-Package is now running. I took the resulting Sites.xml and reduced them for my own base with de_DE and functioning setting.

There are only the jingling words from @christianm in my mind.

This is related to a slightly different initial situation. But at the end, it is probably comparable and would have to be very efficient.


***So maybe there is an more easier way with sites.xml*** [(maybe with Neos-Tools or by hand) for a hole bunch of sites, sub-sites, language-dimensions and so on ...] ***for a base-filled site-tree and an base-skeleton.***

Does anyone know such a way?

  • Would not be the first time, as I’m looking for wrong terms and therefore doesn’t find the solution.

For solution seekers

I had some language-Dimensions data from the Sites.xml with (en_US), which made the work somewhat complicated than necessary: My base-reason to search a more comprehensive solution.

Perhaps this is a totally twisted approach. But should someone have the same error messages with the base language DE, because of en_US in Sites.xml , here are my working files:

Path: Vendor.BasePackage/Resources/Private/Content/Sites.xml
(Vendor.Site have to change to the base-package name.)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <site name="SiteName" state="1" siteResourcesPackageKey="Vendor.Site" siteNodeName="sitename">
        <nodes formatVersion="2.0">
            <node nodeName="sitename">
                <variant workspace="live" nodeType="TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Page" sortingIndex="100" version="1" removed="" hidden="" hiddenInIndex="">


                    <accessRoles __type="array"/>
                        <title __type="string">Home</title>
                        <uriPathSegment __type="string">home</uriPathSegment>

Path: root/Configuration/Settings.yaml

        # The default dimension that is applied when creating nodes without specifying a dimension
        default: 'de_DE'
        # The default preset to use if no URI segment was given when resolving languages in the router
        defaultPreset: 'de_DE'
        label: 'Language'
        icon: 'icon-language'
            label: 'Deutsch (Deutschland)'
            values: ['de_DE']
            uriSegment: ''

With this Settings and Sites.xml I have no errors left, easy to login in backend, and new nodes have the de_DE dimensionvalue in Database.

Helping Flow-command:

./flow configuration:show --type Settings --path TYPO3.TYPO3CR.contentDimensions

Helping Migrate Files path-to:
use with:

# NO node dimension to DEFAULT dimension
./flow node:migrate --version 20140326143834
# SOME node dimension to DEFAULT dimension (with or without --version)
/flow node:migrate 20150716212459

I’m not aware of an easier way to generate the Sites.xml but that doesn’t mean there is no easier one :slight_smile: