What Sites.xml can use for, and how?

Hey again,
I’m locking for the simplest and most easiest project-start. Maybe a solution would be

Found the old topic with this quote from @christianm :

Perhaps someone has already found a good documentation about «initial setup». Google and forum-search is no help. Maybe I just search for wrong terms. Anyway no matches for:

  • How the demo.site does this?
  • What possibilities are there?
  • What parameters can be changed?
  • Which rules have to be followed?

Would be happy about helpful links or hints!

Sounds like a duplicate of Kickstarter How-To? ?

Hi Dominique,
same aim: Would like to find best suitable approach to build up project scaffolding (initial Setup) for pages, sub-pages, contentDimension like language, other base-language then us_EN, clear-named nodes, …

Maybe there is an easier way, which I doesn’t know – I thought because the linked hint from @christianm about the Sites.xml.

The Kickstarter-HowTo Topic was because the installed Kickstarter-Package seems not to work. Was a misread of docs and wrong use of command.
I asked there also about other approach, maybe with Sites.xml. Maybe someone will find only the kickstarter-post with forum-search/google and never will see this here.

Here I’m looking especially for the advantages and possibilities of using Sites.xml as an «Initial Setup».

Unfortunately I can’t find documentation, how-to or something similar about, what Sites.xml can use for and how (additionally to the import/export).

  • I’m almost sure it would be usable for much more.

But if it is a doublet, maybe you can join them, if you like.

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