Leave or remain in PHP-FIG

We are part of the PHP-FIG for quite some time, using some of the PSRs that came out of it and even participated in discussions now and then.

Now a new structure has been adopted (https://github.com/php-fig/fig-standards/pull/752) and a result of that is:

The recognized Voting Representatives for member projects have 30 days [starting Oct 1st] to state their intent to remain member projects. If they do so, the Voting Representative will be recognized as the Project Representative going forward. No new admission vote is necessary. If the Voting Representative does not make any statement for 30 days, the project will be dropped from FIG membership.

(see https://github.com/michaelcullum/fig-standards/blob/fig3.0/bylaws/100-implementation.md)

That means I need to state our intent. I voted for the new bylaws (representing Neos), so I think we should remain. But if any of you think we should not, let me know soon.

Thanks for your involvement in this!
I don’t know how much work it means but I’d be in favor of staying part of the PHP-FIG and took the liberty to start a PHREXIT poll:

  • Stay
  • Go
  • So come on and let me know ♫ (comment)

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I think the PHP-FIG brought much good to our community and after all we stick to a bunch of the PSRs already and plan do do more. So IMHO staying a member makes a lot of sense. We shouldn’t let a bit of drama push the practical side off.