Linking to a node in backend


the problem I am having is that I want to be able to link to the neos Backend from an external site and open a specific Node by just using the identifier. For example: that then opens where I can edit. Is there a build in way to achieve that at the moment, or do I have to build my own plugin with a new route that does that for me?

Thanks for the help in advance.

@o.herrmann as far as I am aware there is no built in way to do this, you could however create a custom document type which takes an argument and then generates the node path based on the ID. I haven’t tested it but something along the lines of this should work:

nodePath = ${q('#identifier').closest('[instanceof Neos.Neos:Document]').get(0).nodePath}
renderer = afx`
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content={"0; url=/neos/content?node="+props.nodePath} />

Thanks for the answer. I think i will try it out with a custom route first and if that doesn’t work I will try your solution. :slight_smile:

The Fusion ActionUri prototype has an example in the docs: Fusion Reference — Neos CMS 8.3.x documentation