Login with Facebook additional to classic Registration/Login

Hey guys,

on my website I have a classical Registration/Login Process.
Users sign up with their username, email and password and sign in with username and password.

I would also like offer a login with facebook. Is there any documentation or source?
Has someone already realized it with Flow?

In my fluid templates I use many <f:security.ifAuthenticated> and <f:security.ifHasRole role=“Visitor”>

You can implement an AuthenticationProvider for that but I can’t say if someone did that already for facebook, but I guess so. Maybe take a look around. I have one for twitter on github.

Thank you for your answer! I’ll try it

Check out this Package: https://github.com/mneuhaus/Famelo.OAuth
Should do what you’re trying to do.
I’m using a customized version of this Package to integrate with Stripe in one of my projects.
The only thing I’ve added is a redirect feature so you can implement your own controller action where Facebook redirects after a successful authentication.

I have also created a Package for that. :wink:
It uses Opauth (opauth.org) for the authentication part.