LSWS - LiteSpeed - Compatibility

Is it possible to install Neos with a LiteSpeed webserver rather than Apache or NGINX ? Any feedback, recommendation or tutorial are very much appreciated. Thank you Community for your advise and help.


I never heard of the Web server before, but I also used Caddy before. So it is possible to have other Web servers.

Thank you Markus for your answer, it is a rather well known webserver an the performance is apparently much better than Appache or Nginx.


  • Die bessere Performance sorgt für höheres Suchmaschinenranking und ist neben anderen Faktoren wie beispielsweise [der Domainname ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO)]
  • Es ist keine neue Konfiguration bei Umstieg vom Apache HTTP Webserver nötig. So kann auch die [.htaccess-Datei] komplett übernommen werden.
  • Der Litespeed Server kann mehr Webseiten und Besucher verwalten als der Apache oder Nginx bei gleichen Ressourcen.
  • Der LSWS ermöglicht eine kostensparende Verbesserung der Performance eines Webprojekts, da er die vorhandene Hardware optimal ausnutzt.
  • Der LSWs ist eine OpenSource-Software, was individuelle Anpassungen ermöglicht.

If it can run php it probably can run Neos / Flow.

You will have to configure some env-vars and probably have to configure some special rule for the Web/Resources folder.

If you are familiar with LSWS you should be able to “transpile” an Apache or nginx config quite easily.

If you manage to do so we would love to hear about your experiences as we all like performance. Maybe you could also provide us with an example config for the docs then.

Regards Martin

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Thank you Martin - I will try and keep you posted

I would try it myself but couldn’t find an easy setup to run it on my machine. Docker image with recent PHP version would be neat I guess.
But as Martin said, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. It definitely works with other servers than Apache and nginx, I have heard of Caddy server being used.

Maybe something to consider to include in the next Neos update

What specifically?

We have used LiteSpeed as a server, but we changed also to caddy. And I also definitely want to try