Manipulate aloha formatting


nodes of type string can be formatted using aloha. Is there a way to apply css class names to elements added by aloha?
What I want to achieve is to add class="ui header" to every headline inserted with aloha in order to create a site using semantic ui. Adding the class to a wrapping div is not an alternative.

you can try write own helper for this, or ( as we ) use some kind of class like .user-content for places where is content available for user editing.

or use a Eel processor in TypoScript

With @process? How? What processor would I need to overwrite/create?

yes, use pregReplace

Thanks. Is there some „global hook“ where I can apply that processor? Otherwise I would need to apply that processor on every node that could contain a headline. That would be a lot of rendundant code :smiley:

you can apply it to page.body or similar