Mark as root page

While I rework a few document nodes I also changes the node name of the node of my landing page which was also the root page of my side.

So the node went invalid and I handle it. Now the root page of my site has no world-icon any more. It’s just shown as a normal document node.

In TYPO3 I would “mark it as root page”. So i struggle around but does not understand: How can I mark my initial site node in NEOS as initial root page, so I got back my earth-icon, without creating a new site package?

And: Does it would make a technical different? Will or would I have some trouble with it?

A usual pattern is have a Root or homePage document NodeType the has supertype page and that can not be used as a child of other documents. This nodetypes is also handy for page wide settings.

See as an example.

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Thats easy, okay. Thank you!