Marketing sprint | 22.-24. July 2020

We are going to meet from 22th-24th July for an online marketing sprint.
Our sprint topic will be
"Foster organic growth | Provide answers | Ease participation"

Times: 9am ~ 5pm

Participation absolutely welcome!
Looking forward to see you there :slight_smile:


Fabian Tschoek, Sebastian Helzle and me held a marketing guild sprint on July 22nd - 24th. We did not want to wait until we might meet in person, so we decided to meet online for more than just a weekly.

Our motto was “Foster organic growth, Provide answers, ease participation” and we tried to address each point, not focusing too much on one. The main purpose of the sprint was to advance in some areas that we have been working on for quite some time. Besides working on those, we also had interesting and important discussions with the community.

One of those areas was to get in touch with agencies and ask about what their day to day problems are. We had guests from Jung von Matt/TECH, avency GmbH and DI Unternehmer Digitalagentur GmbH (thanks for joining!)

The main issues (in short and) that came up were:

  • What are Neos benefits compared to other systems?
  • What is the Neos brand all about?
  • How can we help customers to change to Neos
  • Some content improvements on website
  • Website currently only english, german would help

(if we forgot some or you have something to add, let us know)

We also had very good and fruitful discussions with Sebastian Kurfürst regarding the Neos Brand. We began working on some drafts and started a process around that topic. Results are going to take some time to manifest, we are in a very early stage.


We have been working on providing certain areas on in german for quite some time already. Now we released a first version:
We do know it still needs some more polishing, a proper language selector, some english labels (which requires some more refactoring) and maybe some more pages to be translated. Our goal is not to translate everything, but to make the step towards Neos easier. Most of the docs and other resources will stay english only.

Simon Krull, also participating on the sprint, had been of great help; he even did short videos in german and english. Thank you Simon!

Then we worked on the community area on the website. This is soon to be finished, so it will become more transparent what the core teams do and how you can find your way around certain topics. Some issues on the website had to be fixed, relevant content edited and added and Sebastian Helzle accidentally speeded up noticeable.

From our disucssions we learned that a helpful thing would be a pitch slide deck (google slides) to help positioning and selling Neos to customers. Drupal offers such a slide deck that served us as a starting point and inspiration. This will be released soonish.

Finally we created a github board for the marketing sprint (, which we will keep to help us organizing our work and make it more transparent and easier to contribute


About the online sprint: We had the time and focus to work on the subjects mentioned. Still there were more distractions working on your desk than in a distant “hideout”. I can imagine investing a day or two every other month in addition to our weekly to jointly focus on improvements and involve the community.

We want to invite more agencies, freelancers, developers and users to our marketing weeklys, so to get feedback from the community that we can work on.

Finally we ask everyone that has a Neos story to tell - a great brand, some fancy project, case study, technical solution, blogpost or else - to provide us with that content so we can place that story for everyone out there. If you want to help in any other way, you are always welcome to join our weekly and the #guild-marketing slack channel!