Media browser shows "loading" icon for PDF Documents

Hello together.
I shortly updated from Neos 2.3 to 4.1.
In the media browser I face a funny phenomenon.
The visible part of the first page is loaded well: all images and all PDFs have an icon and a thumbnail picture. When you scroll down (and on all following pages) the thumbnail for PDFs is not shown, but the circling “loading” icon.
This is not a matter of “wait a little bit”. They circle for ever.

You can still access those PDFs, however this is very irritating.
Any hint is welcome
Best regards

Let me add, there is no error in the system log.

They are requested async, so you should be able to see a XHR request running in your browsers Developer Tool. Can you see if any of them returns false or similar error message?

Thanks for your fast response.
In fact, there is not one single XHR request showing up.

Thanks for the hint!
That was helpfull.

  1. Those XHR request show only up, when you first load the media browser. I could not see them on a reload.
  2. It turns out, that the thumbnail pictures for PDFs have changed from 2.3 to 4.1
    Therefore all new uploaded PDF Documents load pdf.svg, which is available and all old PDF documents try to loads pdf.png, which fails.

Did I miss something in the upgrade process?
I could solve it by
update neos_media_domain_model_thumbnail set staticresource=‘resource://Neos.Media/Public/IconSets/vivid/pdf.svg’ where staticresource=‘resource://TYPO3.Media/Public/Icons/512px/pdf.png’ ;

However there are other (office) icons missing. So ist there a recommended way, that I missed?

Could you create an issue for that on GH, please?