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Hey People,

Great the Meet Neos event is announced. It is a good opportunity to spread the word about Neos. I think it would be a great to carry this further like Meet Magento is being done with meetings all over the world. Obviously it is inspired by that. Unfortunately Meet Neos is in German (for now?)

What are your thoughts?

gRTz ben

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AFAIK it is supposed to happen in more locations, also outside Germany but that is still to come and requires local communities outside Germany to step up and do so. I heard rumors of discussions about doing one in Poland and Switzerland e.g.

Let’s give those behind the events a chance to prove it and spread it from there.

Btw. thanks to the organizer for putting an effort into spreading the word about the project.


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Hi Ben,

the idea is definitely to carry Neos around the world with Meet Neos. We figured that for some people, English can be a barrier (especially in countries like France, Italy, or Spain). Therefore the idea is to organise Meet Neos events in cities all around the world (I got in touch with possible organisers for Switzerland and Poland already), but have mostly sessions in the respective local language.

That being said, the concept is in an early stage, and the Meet Neos Hamburg event will be a first test for this format. I imagine that we share the insights of this conference / roadshow with anyone here in the community and then create a group of (potential) organisers for Meet Neos editions in other cities.


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