Meet Neos twice(?) in Nuremberg in 2016

Hi everyone,

we have the opportunity to organize two „Meet Neos“ alike conference days in Nuremberg next year.

1. Nuremberg Web Week

The “Nuremberg Web Week” is a whole week (11th - 18th April 2016) in Nuremberg with different web related events at different locations in the city. Details can be found on the website: (german only, sorry). We have the opportunity to place a one day Neos event in the program and use the marketing/pr done by the web week organizers. netlogix would be hosting the event. You remember the Neos 1.0 release? That’d be the location again! We are allowed to promote the event additionally to the web week ourselves and also can find exclusive sponsors for the Neos day, additionally to the web week sponsors.

The target group for this event would be a lot of marketers and agencies from the Nuremberg/northern Bavaria area, who get attracted by the web week anyways.

The event could be done as a one day conference on Thursday, 2016-04-14.

Note: Inspiring Conference is right the week after. As I see it currently both events attract completely different people, so I don’t see a problem here. Additionally the speakers would be in the right corner of Germany already :wink:

2. TYPO3 Developer Days

The T3DD16 will be in Nuremberg castle again. We won’t be an official part of the developer days itsself (like a Neos track or something). I discussed that with Thomas Maroschik and we would be allowed to use the awesome location for one day right before the T3DD16. My idea is to organize a one day Neos conference, with its own name/branding and schedule. People who are interested in Neos and T3DD16 could by a combi-ticket. Of course single tickets for only one of the two events would also be available. As the Neos event is only one day, we don’t have to care for accommodation related stuff, which would only be included in the T3DD16 ticket (or the combi-ticket).

I personally really like that idea, as we get our own conference at that nice location and don’t get in a strange mixup with the TYPO3 event. On the other hand it’d still be very easy for some of the team doing some Neos/Flow related talks at T3DD16.

The date would be: Wednesday, 2016-08-31 (T3DD16 right afterwards from 1st to 4th of September)

I could imagine organizing both events, even if it’s the same city twice. However, I expect a very different audience. What do you think? I’d also like to ask you as team who would be in for doing talks at one or both events. Obviously without good speakers they cannot succeed.

I’m curious for your replies!



As already expressed by a “heart” I like that idea. Just replying to make that fact more visible…

Thanks a lot Karsten, and the other likes :wink: I guess I will go on with planning both events, as Robert and Christian basically also gave positive feedback to the idea, iirc.

Hi, Andi. we did the first Meet Neos and it was my crazy idea. after “thumbs up” from robert we just did itfor the first time in Hamburg // it worked pretty well. // now the second MEET NEOS is already pronounced for zurich

i´ll love the idea with nürnberg

we have all the stuff you need for a cool MEET NEOS
the logos, PPts, sponsor PDFs, social media channels, the sound file, lanyards and so on…

maybe it is a good idea when we will talk to each other via phone?

sven ditz // sitegeist // 040-3281930
if you can´t catch me, try is via Lisa Günther // 040-32819320

it would be cool to announce the next MEET NEOS at the end of the event in zürich :slight_smile:

Hi Sven,

thanks a lot for the offer. Sounds really great. I’ll contact you during the week!

Greets Andi