Meetup definition for usergroup name and styleguide

As discussed in slack, local usergroups are supposed to be named (on meetup) the following way:

Neos CMS and Flow Meetup LOCATION

where LOCATION is a placeholder for a city, region, country. eg: Neos CMS and Flow Meetup Vienna

The meetup settings are so far defined as:

color palette:

  • Banner #00adee
  • Background #ffffff
  • Links #00adee

background image

banner image

  • none


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Just to get the images linked:

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Can somebody point me to where this has been discussed?

@wbehncke it was discussed in slack channel #team and robert asked me to put it here. It is supposed as current definition - to be discussed here.

Thanks, I’ve updated our Neos CMS and Flow Meetup Munich with the background image. Since it’s not possible on to specify a logo - do you think it might make sense to provide a banner image as well?

@david.sporer there is a way to set a logo - when you are on the startpage of the meetup, klick on “About us” (Über uns) in the left column, then proceed to the link in the popup. On the bottom of the settings, you can choose the logo (see link above)

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Hi everybody,

just updated our meetup page:

Thanks @hifish for pointing me to the discussion :slight_smile:

I’d like to stick to “HH” instead of “Hamburg” for the Region, since this is pretty common amongst Meetup groups around here.

Great to see so much progress regarding meetups :smile:

I have been asked, if we better should use a header image instead of the blue bar. Cause there is none for far, I will create on an post it here. If accepted I can make a pull request for the brand GIT.

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Just updated Rhein/Main as well. I promise to get the Meetup going soon - finally will find some time to organize it!

Hi all,

I think it would be great if we could move this information in the long run also on the website to help
people creating more meetups and other communities. I already discussed this shortly with @tobias1
Something like a community brand page.
It’s really cool that some information is already gathered here which also helped me to setup the
Karlsruhe Neos & Flow meetup.

But I think I saw that someone created a separate slack team for their meetup. I think it would
be better for the Neos community if every meetup creates their own channel in the Neos Slack team.
This way new people can also take part in all the other Neos related things or we can direct them easily to other channels.

So for the channel names I would propose something like “meetup-XYZ” where XYZ is your city name, for example “meetup-karlsruhe”.
I wouldn’t use a short version of the city here because having the full name makes it easier in the channel search.

What do you guys think?


@sebobo I totally agree. Having that on would be great as well as creating own channels. meetup-location is fine I think as well.