Migration to G Suite

Since Zendesk Inbox will be shut down in the near future, I started migrating our email accounts too Google (G Suite Business). Most of you know already about it.

All email accounts are (or should be) migrated already, which means that each Neos Team member should now have a foo@neos.io Google and email account. We are not using Mailgun anymore to forward emails, so if you’d like to forward those to another account, you need to configure this via https://mail.google.com.

Next we should migrate our Google Drive files and use the Team Drives feature of our new account. That way we can organize files a bit better and make sure that certain important data never gets lost (for example financial data for Neos Foundation). This migration is a bit more tricky though, because files can only be moved by the current owner.

Today I copied all the regular files of the Neos Foundation folder into a new team drive. What I could not copy are the special Google files (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms). They need to be moved by the original owner.

Therefore I ask @gina and @tobias at this point: Please go through all directories below Neos Foundation in the original Google Drive share and check if there are *.gdoc etc. files left which you are able to move. If so, please move them to the new Team Drive “Neos Foundation”. You need to to that being logged in as the “old” user which owns the file in our old Google Drive share. However, in order to move this to the new Team Drive, you need to temporarily give your old user access to this new drive. To do that, log in as your neos.io user and then add your other Google Account as a content manager:

It’s a bit of a hassle, but the only way to do this. If you have any questions, please let me know, and please do report here once all files of Neos Foundation are properly moved / copied. Best is if you delete the original file when you are sure that it exists in the new team drive!

Once that is done, we can start to migrate other folders.

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nice! thanx robert. i can do that tuesday or wednesday next week when i have fast connection. is that ok?

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i looked through all of the files and imho everything is on the new drive.

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In the meantime I managed to download existing content from our Inbox account. That turned out to be a bit difficult: Inbox does not offer an export, so I needed to migrate Inbox to a Zendesk Trial account, which only supports exports after asking their support for it.

What I now have is:

  • all messages (emails) as a big JSON file
  • all messages as a big XML file

However, there are no attachments included! The JSON and XML only contain links to those files, so, if we want to preserve them, we need to create some script which downloads them within the next 2 weeks or so.

I’ll put these exports into the new Team Drive once we have structured that nicely. So, we have the data, but of course it’s quite cumbersome to find something within these files …

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