Minutes Transition Team Meeting 2015-10-20

##Neos Transition Team Meeting 20th Oct 2015

Participants: Gina Steiner, Aske Ertmann, Christian Müller, Ben van Kruistum, Dominique Feyer, Tobias Gruber

Initial Team Meetings have happened and Synchronizers and Prioritizers were elected:

Synchronizers: Christian, Ben and Tobias
Prioritizers: Aske, Berit and Karsten

###Open Questions:

How do we get projects?

  • the prioritizers should do this for the short to medium term
  • long term should be done by the COP “Products Strategy” (see below)
  • Aske will initiate the COP

How do we handle things like press contacts?

  • Recommendation: share responsibility in a COP to have backups
  • TODO synchronizers: discuss in next retrospectives to build the COP

Which COPs should we have?

  • Should form themselves
  • Need of a COP “Product Strategy”
  • TODO transition team: come up with the guidelines for a COP
  • continue from here: Project structure discussion – Neos Sprint 2015 – Frankfurt
  • Need to have
  • meetings
  • minutes
  • accountability and deadlines
  • List of COPs - see channels in Slack
  • TODO Gina: will use COP descriptions from Slack and match that with the information about the new team structure
  • TODO Gina is going to work on https://jira.neos.io/browse/NEOS-1632 - to define guidelines for COPs

Guidelines for the council of elders

Jira Board for Transition Team

  • TODO transition team (Ben + Dominique)
  • Create a useful Jira Board for tasks (check with Daniel)
  • Observing / Todo ticket (maybe just an additional column)


How to make decisions that impact the whole project

  • should be made in a COP
  • the council could be pulled for a decision
  • possibly invite all team members and/or the community to discuss/decide