Monitoring For Neos

Hello Community,

Please suggest is there any monitoring tool suggested for Neos cms.
where we can monitor the performance and connectivity between the connected other interdace like (Database, Redis and elasticsearch )

Thanks in advance

Hi @pawankct91

I think your question is a bit tricky to answer with a concrete recommendation. Like if I’d ask you “I’d like to drive from A to B, what car would you recommend to me?” - well, the answer that helps depends on many things - and “it depends”…

For kind of an inspiration on “what” could be monitored, see the following screenshot from an actual customer of us (sorry for the heavy anonymization):


We differ between “service monitoring” per server (e.g. whether MySQL, Redis and so on are running and that the disk is not getting too full) - vs. the “per customer instance” monitoring checks as in the screenshot above.

Our approach is to monitor many things, so we notice if something goes sidewards and we’re able to react fast. So for example we monitor whether the webserver is eligible for sending mails with the customer’s domain according to the SPF policy (wich reduced the support requests for “mails from contact form not reaching recipient”-cases drastically).

Technically we run an Icinga2 installation that executes the configured checks and sends various kinds or notifications, depending on the priority and the current time (e.g. day of week / time of the day).
Most of the service-checks are the regular one from the monitoring-plugins, some are self-made. Also some of the Neos specific checks are self-made and integrated into the monitoring.

As you seem to just start from the ground up, I’d recommend you to first define what to monitor and the process of who should be notified, when, and how. Whether running your own monitoring infrastructure is the way to go, or if an existing SaaS solution “from the cloud” is working better to you, will become easier to answer as soon as you clarified the two mentioned points.

I hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:

Cheers, Mario


Thanks for sharing this information.
Had the idea on this.