Moving a flow application to a Plesk server

We are running a flow application on an obsolete Ubuntu 12 server. We want to move this application to a Ubuntu 14 server which is in an extended security update program. We want to retire the Ubuntu 12 server.

I am a newbie on this matter. I noticed there is a manual for setting up Flow on Ubuntu but we’re also running Plesk on the Ubuntu 14 server with a large number of small websites. Setting up Flow should not interrupt the other websites.

How should I proceed?

Hi and great that you joint the discuss.
Don’t know what kind of plesk you use but in the versions I know you can add apache or nginx settings for the virtual hosts.

So adding the context variables and so on is no issue.
Hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:

Hello Markus,

the details of the active Plesk server are:

Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS‬

Plesk Onyx
Version 17.5.3 Update #71

nginx 1.14.2-ubuntu14.04.19011716

Details on Apache are not listed so I not sure what version we’re using.

I suppose I have to install Flow to get the application working on the Plesk server. Does installing Flow in any way affect the current websites we’re running on the Plesk server? If it does it’s not an option. We do however have a test Plesk server which runs on Ubuntu 18 LTS. The details are:

Plesk Onyx
Version 17.8.11 Update #81


I’m also not sure what apache and nginx settings I have to use to get the application running.