Moving to new server, need help planning upgrades

New server is ROCKY9 running PHP8
Old server is CentOS7 running PHP7.4

Neos installation running fine on old server, but hasn’t been upgraded…
Tried moving webs & data to new server, get PHP8 errors…

I guess my strategy should be to iterate ‘upgrade in place’ on live server till i get to the version that’s PHP8-compatible, and THEN migrate the web&db to the new server.

I found a big stack of upgrade instructions (Neos Upgrade Instructions - References - Neos CMS - Neos Docs) but not sure how to check what version we have running now ( is there a command for that?

And can someone please advise me which version I need to get to, in order to be PHP8-compatible?
new server is running PHP 8.0.13

TIA ! :palm_tree:

PS!! are these upgrade instruction referring to the ‘Framework’ version? Or Applications version? Or Sites Version? Or Libraries??

I just found the /neos/administration/packages page, and I have a real mishmash of versions listed there… most (but not all) Applications 4.3.17 , framework 5.3.22 , (many libraries 5.3.22 as well), Site is 5.0.2 …

For php 8.0 you need at least Neos 7.3 and for php 8.1 you need Neos 8+. I know no way around an Neos update.

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Thanks Martin! I’m still wondering how to find out exactly which “version” I need to start the upgrading process from…

There is a version matrix here:

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Thanks Martin! now I understand … I need to start the upgrade from “Neos 4.3”.
Thats a long haul :slight_smile:

btw there is composet show neos/neos :wink:

or flow package:list :wink:

to find out the version.

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