Multi-Domain with Multi-Dimensions in Neos 3.x?

Have to find a solution for Multi-Domains in One-Tree-Site with multi language-dimension (E.g: de/en/fr). Each Domain should have a particular default-language but should be maintanable/editable in the same tree in Backend.
Somethin like: > same tree but default lang:'de' > same tree but default lang: 'en' > same tree but default lang: 'fr'

Have found only this old topic from Neos 2.3 with advance notice for Neos 3: Multidomain setup - Best Practice?

  • How is this solved in Neos 3.0?
  • How connecting domains with particular node/dimension? Within Sites Management?
  • Are there docs or tuts for this?

With Neos 3.0 you can easily setup multiple sites that use the same site-package from the cli and the site-module. This has nothing to do with the selection of the default language based on the domain. I am not aware of an easy and stable solution for that, but that does not mean there is none.

You can always write your own, domain based ContentDimensionPresetSource for that. We use something similar in production (not for languages, but for partner variants) and it works quite well.

The best place to start looking would be the Neos\ContentRepository\Domain\Service\ContentDimensionPresetSourceInterface which you’ll have to implement.

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