Multi-Site with domains and content dimension

I am not sure, whether Neos is the right system for my special project requirements. So that’s why I ask here in hope, that there are some experiences in the community that help me, to make a decision.

What I need is something like a base site, that includes the design, assets, and basically most of the content (it is something like an operation manual).
The other sites (with own domains) shall inherit most of the content, but in some pages, the content is quite different. I am not talking about different languages, but different or additional text, may be some differences in the structure (pages).

Is it possible to solve this with dimensions? Can other sites inside the neos installation inherit content from a “basic-content-site” (and get automatically updated when contents change there)?

Thanks in advance for your help/answer.

Hi @kreativoli

I did something similar, described in this answer

When you talk about different content, you talk about different properties for the NodeType, correct? Top of mind, I can not tell how that would be. But first thing that comes to mind, is this part of the docs

So you will create all properties in the base package, and activate them on a condition level (is my guess) - it could become spaghetti when it grows large, but it’s a way to get started. Since the properties is needed in the nodetype definition :slight_smile:

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Hi @sorenmalling

thanks for your answer. What I need to know is: can i reference content from the Vendor.base to the other Sites Vendor.A, Vendor.B etc.
I know I can Export/Import content. But in my case, I need a Base Site not only for layout, nodetypes and fusion, but for content, too.

For Example. The Vendor.Base is a complete Site with text, images and so on. Vendor.Mysite should be something like a complete clon of Vendor.Base with all it’s content, but “referenced”. So that when a text on Vendor.Base changes, it also changes in Vendor.Mysite.
But when I want to have individual text in Vendor.Mysite, i can “override” the referenced text (with a dimension) - similiar to a language translation.

Yep, this can definitively be done in Neos. I wrote GitHub - Flowpack/neos-dimensionresolver: A support package for Neos CMS that allows for arbitrary content dimension resolution. for this, so that instead of path segments domains can be used for dimension resolution. Might need a dustoff for newer Neos versions but otherwise should work like a charm. Just check it out, documentation should be okayish. If questions occur, just ask :slight_smile:

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