Multi-tenant Flow application

Started new work where I do Rails and VueJs and was introduced to a multi-tenant, where each shares the code (one instance) but has it’s own database (one instance, many databases).

Has this subject been touched by anyone in regard of Flow? Is there any blocker like caching of configuration that we already know of could be an issue with the current state?

Hi Søren,

you can obviously symlink folders to share them among projects.
But that would mean that the respective projects can’t easily use composer update and the like. Also the file monitor might not work – so maybe you run into issues when you plan to edit those in dev context.

In general I would only do that if you really need it (why would you? to save space?) and only selectively (e.g. for the Packages/Framework folder).

BTW: I always understood “multi-tenancy” more in the sense of one application for multiple clients. I have made a lot of experience with that and would always go for separate instances – if possible – because the multi-tenancy comes with a lot of maintenance and security overhead

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