Multi-value compound fields support for inspector dialog

Hi Neos team ,

Im fairly new to Neos CMS , I have a question about how multi value compound fields can be supported in Neos inspector dialog form ? or a possible alternative strategy? Use case might be something like an address field that could be multi-value with no fixed length . Another example is maybe a lookup list with keyword and link.



Currently there is no generic support for nested properties in the core. If you want to implement this a custom inspector editor would be the way to go.

The RepeatableFields package here might help as inspiration it does very similar things already. I cannot say much about the package other than it exists. Never used it and did not look into the code either.

Hi Emily,

usually you would implement compound fields via separate nodes. That might be an option for you!?

Thank you all , I will check out the hopefully its something core team can include in the future .

You can even be the author of this feature :slight_smile: Development of Neos CMS (and open source in general) is not bound solely to the core team - it’s for everyone :partying_face:

Hi @bwaidelich in general i agree to preferring nodes but there are compound values like geoCoordinates where it would make sense to have a nested property.

We could alternatively think about allowing a way to access properties of autocreated childNodes via inspector from the parent node so editors can still find them easily. Because otherwise it is not that trivial to select the childnode that contains the property you want to edit.

True… With the “usually” in my claim above I was jumping to conclusions. For things like geo coordinates or addresses in general a custom editor is probably the way to go. I even built one a while ago: