Multiple forms in one page conflicts


I am facing unexpected behaviour when loading mutliple forms in the same page. Last case of such “unexpected behaviour” was that nothing happened if I submitted my form, but as soon as I deleted the second form, it worked properly.

Probably this is a common issue, so I would assume that I forgot to do some kind of configuration for this. Anyone has a clue about what needs to be done ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi George,

Is the exact same form (formIdentifier) that you renders or different forms?

Hey Soren,

No, they are different forms. Also, I am using the Form Builder package and they have different identifier:


identifier = 'EventSignUpForm'
label = 'Event sign up'


identifier = 'ContactForm'
label = 'Contact'

Two different form shouldn’t do any harm - what exactly happens when you submit it? Look in Data/Logs/System_*.log files for any exceptions etc :slight_smile:

Alright, I’ll try to strip-down my problem and see if I can reproduce it or if I have a bug somewhere else. I’ll update here with my solution.

Thanks !

Well, I have to apologize for this issue. It seems that my issue is somewhere else.

I tested with a minified use case of my forms and they are not conflicting.

Thanks for the suggestions !

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