Multiple host with different languages

Hi everyone!

I have one site package which I want to use for different domains in different languages.

Site Package A → → ONLY german
Site Package A → → ONLY spanisch

Is it possible?

Thank’s a lot in advance!


So you do not want to have content in multiple languages inside a single site but probably translation labels.

You could use different contexts like Production/Espagnol for the domains that are Spanish and set the flow language accordingly.

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Hi Julius,

I once did it this way

  • Vendor.Base - Package containing the base (layout, nodetypes, fusion etc)
  • Vendor.Denmark - The site package used for the Danish, requring the other, and including the Fusion
  • Vendor.Germany - The site package used for the German site
  • Vendor.Sweden - The site package used for the the Swedish site

So a base package for the things used on all sites, and a site package for each language/market/domain :+1:

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