Multiple sites in one installation, different locale per site

Hey :slight_smile:

I’m implementing a number of sites (locale marketing sites) in one Neos installation. Each site has it’s own sitepackage, that inherits from a Base package with nodetypes.

The content of some of these nodetypes is static, but should be in the same locale as the site. That being

  • ‘.dk’ site should be in danish (locale = ‘da’)
  • “.no” in Norwegian (locale = ‘no’)

and so on.

The FusionView only sets the locale if I use content dimensions locale, which is not the case.

Is there a way, where I can set a locale for a site? Either to the i18n part of Flow or as a property in a Document NodeType that I can use in nodetypes?

All helps is appreciated :slight_smile: