/my.domain/sitemap.xml not found error

Hi everybody,

so I do have several NEOS installations. And some of them return a correct sitemap.xml when calling domain/sitemap.xml and some return:
Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

neos/seo is up and running. And as far as documentation says: https://neos-seo.readthedocs.io/en/stable/index.html?highlight=xml#xml-sitemap production of a sitemap.xml should happen automatically. None of my projects has a special routes.yaml. And I couldn’t find any special setting that would disable the correct handling.

project wam: neos/neos 5.1.4 & neos/seo 3.0.6 = ERROR
project wal: neos/neos 5.3.0 & neos/seo 3.1.1 = ERROR
project csm: neos/neos 5.1.11 & neos/seo 3.2.0 = ERROR
project vee: neos/neos 5.0.5 & neos/seo 3.0.6 = Works fine
project hae: neos/neos 5.1.10 & neos/seo 3.1.1 = Works fine
project avi: neos/neos 5.1.6 & neos/seo 3.1.0 = ERROR
project fam: neos/neos 5.2.4 & neos/seo 3.1.1 = Works fine
project isk: neos/neos 5.2.4 & neos/seo 3.2.0 = Works fine
project bgf: neos/neos 5.2.3 & neos/seo 3.1.1 = Works fine

As you can see, it doesn’t seem to be an issue of code versions.

Any idea what could be the problem?


Do you have a dimension setup on those sites with errors?
Or anything else that is different?

Thx @sebobo sorry for my late reply:
There are no dimensions defined in any of the projects.

They are running on the same hardware, the same PHP 7.2.34 FPM (one is on 7.2.34 FastCGI). There are partly plugins used, but I can’t emagine, that they would mess up.

Any further idea?

Do the two sitemap routes appear when you run ./flow routing:list ?

It ends up with

for project csm.