N00b: Custom Forms - linked to a Database

Dear Community,

I would like to create a web-from in Neos. Idea is 1. customer will fill form online 2. from-input is stored in a database with an identifier. 3. when customer log in after few days, form-input stored in database is displayed in a similar view as form. 4. If customer fills multiple forms, then a search box is displayed - to select the form to display.

for example, user interface will be similar to below image (NOT same content as image), taken from formtools [dot] org

Following a search in neos discuss and docs, I find references to Form Builder and External Data Source but I am looking for pre-built templates.

Naturally, it will be nice if webpage after login can be customized according to selection in input-form. example, if customer selects blue as the favorite color in input-form, then, text in webpage, after login, should change to blue color (for this customer only, not globally). it will be bonus if forms are editable by teams - collaborators but with logs.

Is Neos best tool for this situation ? or is it better to use wordpress with forminator plugin ? Comments, links, suggestions are much appreciated.