Naming scheme for the Twitter accounts

We’ll need to take a decision on the new names for our Twitter accounts (that is, @typo3neos and @typo3flow).

I basically see two options:

  1. stay with two accounts (@neoscms and @flowframework)
  2. continue with one account (use @typo3neos for that, but with a new name)

If we go for option 1), we could also introduce @neosfoundation or the like in the future.

However, we already neglected the @typo3flow account in the past and would probably be better off communicating via one account. But if we went for 2), what which Twitter username would we choose? @neosproject and @neos are not available (@theneosproject is available, but pretty long). Would @neoscms be okay?

Before we vote on this: which other arguments or ideas do you have?

I would like that. Twitter is really outward facing, so better use something simple stupid there. If we feel the urge to communicate more about flow, let’s find a 2nd account for that (e.g. @flowframework - btw. I just reserved that account for us).

I think 2) is more appropriate now. If Flow becomes a really big product in the future, we can always start using new tag for it when we feel best.

I would go with 1 account at the moment @neoscms. If the traffic/discussions and user base become big enough opening up additional accounts is easy enough and can be communicated and explained (and we could reserve additional accounts already)

Anyone who reserved an account, please add the credentials to our 1Password vault, so that when we do the renaming, we have access as needed. Thanks!

+2 for using @neoscms as sole account

Done that already for @flowframework.

+1 for using @neoscms as the sole account

Also +1 for using @neoscms as sole account.

Allright, thanks for your input. So we’ll go for @neoscms and suspend @typo3flow.

Should I do the switch today?

  • yes, hit the button man!
  • no, wait!

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Allright, I did it. @typo3neos is now @neoscms. And I’ll tweet the final tweet thing in @typo3flow.

This topic is now closed, as we found a consensus :slight_smile: