Need help collecting Neos/Flow press and credibility

Hi community :slight_smile:

As a community effort, I could use your help collecting the best or most influential press, mentions and things related to build a solid case for the credibility of Neos/Flow as a product. See it like this, if you had to convince a large client, what arguments would you use when they wanted to let them know other large players are confident in the product.


Just some of the top of my head, know there are a lot more out there.

Please leave a comment with what you know about / use yourself.

Some might seem irrelevant depending on the case, but please don’t hesitate to add anything since it’s probably useful to someone.

Hopefully in the end we as a community can benefit from being able to use this when pitching projects and attracting potential users.

Thank you all very much for helping out.

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Good idea :slight_smile:
I have some that were presented at Meet Neos Munich.

And also the Neos Award Winners:


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Another one from us :wink:
API Documentation with Neos: