Neos 2.0 release (all hands on deck vol 2)

Dear team,

it’s getting end of June now, and I think we need to tackle the 2.0 final release more proactively. Let’s collect a quick status here and try to figure out what the remaining steps are and who can coordinate them. As discussed earlier, I currently concentrate on setting up the community infrastructure and sites and thus would not suggest that I take the lead for the 2.0 release. But I’d jump in of course if there’s no other way.

So, what’s the status? What are the next steps? Who can help?


Oh, yes! :wink:

I agree. It probably makes sense for you to concentrate on the infrastructure tasks as you’re already doing a great job!!
But as a matter of fact you’re currently RM of 2.0. So can we “officially” find a replacement? Maybe Aske?

I still have a list of “last minute” Flow 3.0 tasks (most of them on the board, I’ll sync the rest later today) but I’ll be available for discussion, reviewing and testing.

Let’s slice up the elephant!

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If Aske (or someone else) is in for the job, I’d be more than happy to officially give him or her the release manager hat. It will (have to) be a team effort either way, but someone needs to run after people and make the release happen.

I had a brief conversation with @radmiraal today, and he can’t / wouldn’t like to continue working at the localization features at the moment. Since this is an important missing link for the 2.0 release, I think we need to find someone who steps in for the moment and coordinates further development in that area – any suggestions?

Hey everybody,

I am currently still quite involved in “infrastructure work”, i.e. making the Neos Funding process reality; and planning the GitHub Migration. Sorry :frowning:

All the best,

Hi everybody,

Under huge workload here, and my colleague is in holiday next week.

I can work on review/testing if you have some special gift for me, ping me, ping me hard if needed. Our big neos project pivot a bit just before the launch so the launch is a bit delayed. We are currently on testing and finalization process, perfect time to review change on a real project.

About task & feature, I need to send an estimate to a sponsor for working on Asset Replacing (, next week I will tackle my open issue on Jira.

I will try to come to the code sprint, but not sure now.

considering that we have so few people who seem to be able to work on the 2.0 release, could you imagine postponing your work on funding and GitHub migration in favour of helping with the release?

We should rather aim for a release before T3DD15 and spend the sprint there with some finishing work and the move to Github.


Yes please! I would also like to get the release out BEFORE the codesprint

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Just as an update here, there’s still a quite a few things that need to be wrapped up for the release. However this will be the top priority during the next couple of days and I’m sure we’ll get much closer and probably release a last beta or a release candidate and then final before the end of the month. I’d be happy to ensure that happens now that I have time to focus on Neos again.