Neos 2.0 Release: Help us spreading the news

Hey everybody in the Neos community!

We are getting much closer to the Neos 2.0 final release, so @berit and me are currently planning the public communication. Of course there will be, among other communication, a press release. In order to let the whole world know (and not only our cosy hometowns in Germany) that Neos 2.0 is out, we need your help!

There are five ways you can help us with the press release:

  1. tell us which media (magazine, news portal, blog …) is important and is a good target for our press release in your country? Do you even know some editor we could address directly? Get in touch with Berit or me.
  2. once we prepared the English press release (due Monday morning), are you in for translating it into your language and help us spreading it in your local community?
  3. do you have a favourite feature or had some great experience with Neos 2.0 already? Can you imagine writing a review about Neos 2.0? Write great articles, blog post and publish them on your site, portals like or channels which address content strategists and the CMS community at large.
    3b. tweet, post, tumble, … all at once
  4. help us updating Wikipedia – there are very outdated articles and we need localized versions too. If you’re in, start a new thread in this category and coordinate yourself with other volunteers
  5. give a demo: show Neos 2.0 in your local user group, offer your customers to get a quick live demo by you, show it around where you see fit - they’ll love it :wink:

And if you have any further ideas, … please let us know!
Thanks for your help!


I think Neos should target world leading “Tech/IT decision makers” such as and (Magic Quadrant/CMS Report) or respectively and be more present on cms comparisons (such as this one on also an article on and an own blog would be nice and maybe a course on or promoting more intensively. Greets Roman Minchyn

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In order to let people know who are already interested in Neos an RSS feed for would be great :slight_smile:

Hey Christian,
thanks for the input. We are currently working on the relaunch an that will have an RSS feed :smile:

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