Neos 2.2 and Flow 3.2 have been released

With great pleasure we announce the availability of Neos 2.2 and Flow 3.2!

They are the first releases with the new brand so of course Neos 2.2 comes with a new backend login screen which features the new design in all it’s glory.

Thanks a lot to all the contributors, reviewers and release managers who helped make these releases a reality!

Read the full release announcement.
You’ll find even more details in the Release Notes for Neos and Flow.
If you upgrade from an earlier version, make sure to carefully read the upgrade instructions, too.

Enjoy the new Neos and Flow versions and let us know any feedback you have!

Your Neos Team


First of all congratulations - looks and feels very nice, some problems that were always nagging (like the issue with incorrect constraints in the content structure tree after navigating to a new page of a different node type) are ironed out now and working great.

As for the favicon perhaps it’s a browser cache issue for me but I still see the T3 logo there and not the new N :slight_smile:

Where is “there”? :wink:
All public sites have been adjusted so it’s most probably a caching issue

it’s legacy from an old install, favicon hasn’t been part of the distribution since 2.0… new installs won’t have any icon

just delete the file Web/favicon.ico and it’s gone

I have done an Upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 on my local, went well :).

I just needed to reimport my site because it stated after the migration steps that it could not find any /sites root node…but after going through the Setup again and reimporting the site, it was ok again.

Thanks for this great release!