Neos 2.3 Issues


Neos 2.3 has a new command ./flow server:run.

My vHost configuration is similar to my last neos installation and listens on port 80.

Without > ‘server:run’, i got an exeption “can’t open lockfile …”.
(no permissions changed so far, because it was not mentioned any more in the docs)

If it running, my host is only reachable on port 8081.
Log messages apear … have to open a new terminal.

What has to be done to get rid of all this:
I want to use apache2 on port 80, like before.


After creating a new site package on setup (demo not imported), I discovered that the nodes created have the language-dimenion set to en_US. There is no Settings.yaml. So, starting to work without configuring content dimensions leads to a corrupted CR.
That is the reason, why I start over from scratch again (and again).
To my opinion the content dimensions in the CR should match the Settings.yaml file.

My last installation shows a very crazy behaviour (in between):
A Selectbox (DataSource) is sometimes showing the right setting, sometimes not.
Sometimes the order of the 3 ContentCollections of a Page (childNodes lie ‘main’) are swapped on reload, sometimes not.
Contraints on Pages don’t work (any more).
A newly created Page gives an exeption (500), if one try to delete it. (A redirect exists for this …)
(I will keep the installation. Maybe some one wants to look at it)

The NodeTypes package has still some bad options in the NodeTypes of all MultiColumnTypes:
Things like 33% 33% 33 % instead of 4 4 4. This Bug is then fixed in the Demo package.
If you start with a brand new site package all multiColumn elements are broken.

  1. Still composer warnings on installation.


server:run is there since ages, it’s not new. It’s solely for developing. So nothing has changed in that regard.

Clicking on a Resource (Image) in right panel of the admin-editor window opens up the file details window in the screen, Cant close the screen though.

Yes, I see.
I’ve just set the file permissions and the system is running.
Because it’s a new version I followed the instructions on

Fancy javaScripts, but confusing.