Neos 3.1 Release Planning

Hey Team Members,

time is moving and in April the next release is due, which is not much time. So we quickly need someone to take over the release management and draw up a plan what we want to do with this release especially considering the very short time frame.

Let’s start the discussion now.

I am not yet ready to take on a release again, and given the time I guess we need to make realistic goals (cleanup and improvement of our work from 3.0 ?).

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Thanks for bringing it up!

I think, the most important bits are:

  1. someone volunteering for the release management
  2. keep master stable
  3. keep the release date

Everything else for 3.1 should be optional. So, at best, we’ll have some nice new features in 3.1 and at least we will have further improvements from after 3.0.


I’ll chime in with more basics:

  • move to PhpUnit 6
  • clean up more leftovers (there sure are)
  • improve documentation (signals being a prime example)
  • more steps towards a more solid release process
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Any suggestions? From my side I could think of making redirects manageable within the inspector, but I can’t really call that a “big thing” :smiley: Besides that I could think of flexible routing as a personal wish, but not sure if that is even the suitable for a minor release.

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I’d love to see translation label override capability in the next Flow release. It’s already prepared, I’d just have to

  • find it again
  • adjust it to 4.x
  • PR

Another possible feature would be the visualization of the fallback mechanisms in the Neos config backend module which I prepared in the last sprint based on integration (thx @sebastian) and which can be realistically finished in the next month.

Regarding release management: I lack some knowledge about and experience with that, but I’d like to learn more about it to see if I’m any good at it. So if there was team I could join to learn, I’d gladly do so.


I hope to find a bit more time the following two weeks, since I’m on vacation but mostly at home.
Something I’d also like to do within the Flow 4.x cycle is improve documentation and tests a little bit. Tests are overall written suboptimally (mock of mock, often testing implementation instead of interface, etc.), so there’s a bit of room for improvement.

Regarding release management, I still don’t feel proficient enough tbh, especially since my involvement with the CMS is next to zero and I’m really unexperienced with all the release tools - windows guy here, so no bash scripts etc.

I’d really like to get a bit closer to the work involved and learn though, so whoever does it, I pledge to be as openly as possible on communication/documentation of what is done, what works and what not.

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About the release manager position I feel pretty much the same. I’d like to help, but I don’t feel up to the task.

I’m a big fan of improving the documentation as well. @lorenzulrich has prepared something for logging and debugging that could be a good basis to start that chapter: Also, the Flow Testing chapter is something I would like to get started on during the next few weeks.

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@Nezaniel there you go: :slight_smile:

Now that you mention it… no wonder why I didn’t find it in the Neos dev collection /facepalm

So… on the risk of ruining my life for the next weeks and enraging my colleagues: If @Nezaniel and @aberl are in to help, I’d tackle the release team lead once again…


YAY <3 That sounds perfect. So we have a deal here :slight_smile:

Flow 4.1 / Neos 3.1 Release Management Team:

  • Karsten
  • Bernhard
  • Alexander

@gerhard_boden I guess 3.2 for you then :wink:

@christianm Just checked the roadmap for 3.2, sounds good to me :smiley:

I might eavesdrop on the current release team, so I can collect some insights

I’ll gladly help as to my capabilities, I just need some instructions because otherwise I’m lost and don’t know what to do :slight_smile:

Project board now set up at

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