Neos 3.3 Login Wallpaper

We are getting near the Neos 3.3 release. Time to gather some candidates for the new login-wallpaper.
Some things that are special about this release and that might be visualized in the images:

  • Finally the Release of the React UI after 2 years of work
  • An LTS release
  • Winter is coming

Please send images you to suggest as login-wallpaper. I think we should collect images for about a week and vote afterwards (beginning on December 4th).

Note: If you want to test your suggestion there is a neos-login-bg-tester from @bwaidelich:

  • Image 1 - Fog and Lake in Winter
  • Image 2 - Forest with Lake and Mountain
  • Image 3 - Lake with Mountain in BG
  • Image 4 - Lake
  • Image 5 - Mountain
  • Image 6 - Ice in Water 1
  • Image 7 - Ice in Water 2
  • Image 8 - Mountain lake and blue sky
  • Image 9 - Glacial Cave

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Cool, here are some :wink: All shot in beautiful British Columbia. Would be happy if they came to a good use here!

1 (could be colorcorrected into a bit more blueish to fit the brand better)




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Hey everyone, there seems to be a clear theme of winter in all these suggestions.

I know it has somewhat naturally become a recurring theme to follow the seasons.

However there are some issues with that approach.

First it’s a LTS release, meaning it will be relevant for much longer than 4 primary months after it’s release.

Second it’s only winter in the northern hemisphere.

Maybe we can come with some alternatives? Also the picture doesn’t have to be a nature picture. Other examples could be architecture, abstract.

Would love to see some new ideas!


Another thing, do we need a new picture for the demo site as well?

True, but i think that this is not such a big issue. The image can be customized easily and the main role from my point of view is a nice visual identication for the release mainly at the point of the release.

So while i would also like to see some other variants i do’nt think winter is a problem.

Maybe some winterish, but with more abstraction :wink:

I just added the voting for the collected images. Curious what the result will be, i kind of like all suggestions.

While I like the current runners-up #4 generally (and especially with the blurry snowflakes in it), I think it is too bright and has too little contrast.

I have no issue with the winter theme, even for LTS. It’s a december release after all, and even though that is summer in the southern hemisphere… well, a summery picture wouldn’t fit for the northern hemisphere then. I’m very open to having a broader range of options though for the next time.


Hey I know the voting already started so these aren’t part of the options unless we decide to re-open the vote to include them. I got an email from a professional Stock website offering 7 days free downloads of royalty free photos and they had some pretty amazing ones. I uploaded all the originals and those I exampled to our Drive folder ( This is just to give an idea of a wider range of options (keeping a winterish theme) since all the current options are pretty similar. Hopefully they can come in handy in the future, got some more summery ones that I just added in the Drive folder.

























Those are really nice, on the other hand i kind of like the approach that the photos are taken by friends of Neos and are no stock material.

Nevertheless i will ask in slack#next-release wether we should restart the voting.

I call dibs on 15 for the next major :smiley:


I absolutely agree. As long as the photographers in the community produce appropriate images, I really would prefer them over stock photos.

@christianm, 15 is great - I would like to make a studio session together with a pack of roasted beans :wink:

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@aertmann after short feedback from slack i decided to let the voting run with the current options until next monday and keep the images you suggested as options for the next releases.

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I totally love #12 and #17 and hope to see them in next winter release options :slight_smile:
But generally I agree to take community pictures in favour of stock material.


Totally, mostly meant as inspiration and refreshing the concept a little anyway and seems to have worked. I downloaded some more images and them in the Drive folder for next time. I’m all for images from our community if they do the trick.

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