Neos 3.x with Landingpages / redirects

Hey, maybe anybody has a hint for practicable solution!

###1. The aim:
grouped Landingpages in Backend, so PageTree is tidy up.

###2. structure

  – page1
  – page2
  – ...
  – landingpages (grouped in Collection)
    – seo-stuff
    – best-product
    – other-stuff
   – ... 

###3. hidden in Menu
The Landingpages are not visible in navigation/menu

###4. shown in SERP

  • Landingpage with url: ````
  • NOT real strucutre url:``` ###5. Transfer to search engines: with auto-generated`

Founded Solution [but practical not usable]

- flow:redirect

I have done ./flow redirects:add

result : seo-stuff.html => landingpages/seo-stuff.html (307) - all host
or : seo-stuff.html => landingpages/seo-stuff.html (301) - all host

-for browsing it works

using address: in url-field
is redirecting to:

So the Landingpage would be usable.

- but:

in sitemap.xml the langingpage is still listed as:


Result for search engines address: is not visible/index-able!

Maybe I misunderstood something totally or there is a way to hide the path-part «/landingpages» in sitemap.xml.

Founded Solution [but totally confusing]

(to many pages in tree –> root-level)

flatten structure:

  – page1
  – page2
  – ... 
  – seo-stuff
  – best-product
  – other-stuff
  – ... 

- knowledge-gap:

I have only to fiddle with around 12 Landingpages and 15 other pages in the same root-level, But in bigger projects with 50+ Landingpages and 30+ root-level-stuff there is for sure a more tidy/working/practicable solution.
I’m quite sure there will be be a working/practicable solution.

But I can’t figure out/find it.

I have asked for editor-friendly solution here: Best practice for SEO-friendly urls?
But @wbehncke’s PackageFactory.OffRoad seams still work only with Neos 2.X.

Today I would be happy to find a dev/terminal-working solution.

I’m quite sure I have a big understandig-gap. Can’t believe, bigger web-agencies for clients with hundreds of SEA-elements/Landingpages can offer without tidy-up-backend …

##Thoughts and hints are very welcome!

- nice-to-have: short url also for visitors

Finally it would be great not only to have better seo-/serp-ranking with redirect. Also for visitors a «end-url» without the redirected /landingpages/-stuff would be more trustworthy.
If I’m not totally wrong, therefore in Neos’ current version 3.1.X is no solution!? (routes.yaml ||.flow redirects)

If im wrong, please push me in the right direction!

If the perfect solution is perhaps not there – yet …
I would be all the more interested in how others solve it!

A ) All Landingpages in root : a bit confusing with the time -> but perfect SEO-effect with short path.
B ) Grouped Pages in Collection: Clean and clear looking -> less SERP-persuasively.
C ) Own solution with new approach but not recognizable by myself.

Please share -> would be very pleased …

Hi @mad,

you can try this modified route part handler which allows to set pages as “ignored” for creating routes.

Been using it for more than a year in a 2.3 project and the customer uses it like you described.

I don’t have a 3.x version of it available, but should be easy to adapt.


Thank you for share @sebobo!
I only glimps trough. Looks like it would match perfectly. As soon as I find a moment (or more of them: my learning curve in Neos has usually some detours), I will try to adapt the code to 3.x.
If I get this step, maybe it would be nice also for others, so to create a Neos-Plugin with, could be nice.

Would this be OK for you?

I’m looking for meaningful name like «landingpage-path-cutter»/«serp-path-cutter»: Your customer, did he use it in Landingpages-Context? Or in other «context/approach»?

Hi @mad,

yes a plugin would be great. Cannot really support you currently with that.
But if you create one a mention/link to my gist would be nice.
I think a naming like “HidePathSegments” or something is easy enough.

My customer used it for landing pages and product pages. The overview page itself was then hidden in the url but still accessible. See and it’s subpages.

But a plugin like that needs a disclaimer as you can also create a lot of problems with removing path segments as several pages can then have the same url if the editors is not careful.

:+1: gist-ing for sure!
And you are right, there is a huge multiple-url-clashing-potential. So if plugin will rock someday in own environment, I will come back to ask you about your disclaimer-thoughts.
First it have to be done & run :blush:

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Good luck :slight_smile: