Neos 4.3 LTS Login Wallpaper

(Martin Ficzel) #1

Hello photographers in the Neos community,

we are getting closer the Neos 4.3 LTS release. And in good traditions we would like to gather some candidates for the new login-wallpaper.

Please send you image suggestions as login-wallpaper. Preferably images you took on your own. Either way, we need royalty-free images and the licensing needs to be crystal clear.

Note: If you want to test your suggestion there is a neos-login-bg-tester from @bwaidelich:

The suggestions should be handed in until march 24th. I would like to do the poll at the week afterwards (25th-29th of march) so we can add the new image in time before branching.

  • 1 - Sunset with flower silhouette
  • 2 - City at night
  • 3 - Grass with droplets
  • 4 - Fence at night
  • 5 - Sunset in a City
  • 6 - Violet flowers
  • 7 - Dark thistle
  • 8 - Flowers and white roof
  • 9 - Tents and Islands
  • 10 - Sunset at the see
  • 11 - Kayaks at shore
  • 12 - Reflection Lake New Zealand
  • 13 - Tea plantation in malaysia
  • 14 - Green Plains in New Zealand
  • 15 - River in spring
  • 16 - Mountain lake

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(Laura Janssen) #2

Alle Bilder sind von mir selbst aufgenommen worden.

(Fabian Tschök) #3

@martoro from a brand perspective I’d suggest that it would be the best when the login wallpaper match the with Neos 4.2 introduced release names. What do you think? Is there already a release name idea?

(Martin Ficzel) #4

There is a release-name but it will not be published beforehand. If some pictures match exceptionally bad/well with the release name we will tell before the voting.

(Martin Ficzel) #5

Some images from my last summer vacation:


(Daniel Lienert) #6

I also like to add some of mine. I hope you enjoy them:

  1. Reflection Lake New Zealand

  1. Tea plantation in malaysia

  1. Green Plains in New Zealand

(Matthias Lang) #7

I would also like to add a recent picture shot by myself.

15. "River in spring"

(Martin Ficzel) #8

One more