Neos 4.3 LTS Login Wallpaper

Hello photographers in the Neos community,

we are getting closer the Neos 4.3 LTS release. And in good traditions we would like to gather some candidates for the new login-wallpaper.

Please send you image suggestions as login-wallpaper. Preferably images you took on your own. Either way, we need royalty-free images and the licensing needs to be crystal clear.

Note: If you want to test your suggestion there is a neos-login-bg-tester from @bwaidelich:

The suggestions should be handed in until march 24th. I would like to do the poll at the week afterwards (25th-29th of march) so we can add the new image in time before branching.

  • 1 - Sunset with flower silhouette
  • 2 - City at night
  • 3 - Grass with droplets
  • 4 - Fence at night
  • 5 - Sunset in a City
  • 6 - Violet flowers
  • 7 - Dark thistle
  • 8 - Flowers and white roof
  • 9 - Tents and Islands
  • 10 - Sunset at the see
  • 11 - Kayaks at shore
  • 12 - Reflection Lake New Zealand
  • 13 - Tea plantation in malaysia
  • 14 - Green Plains in New Zealand
  • 15 - River in spring
  • 16 - Mountain lake

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Alle Bilder sind von mir selbst aufgenommen worden.

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@mficzel from a brand perspective I’d suggest that it would be the best when the login wallpaper match the with Neos 4.2 introduced release names. What do you think? Is there already a release name idea?

There is a release-name but it will not be published beforehand. If some pictures match exceptionally bad/well with the release name we will tell before the voting.

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Some images from my last summer vacation:


I also like to add some of mine. I hope you enjoy them:

  1. Reflection Lake New Zealand

  1. Tea plantation in malaysia

  1. Green Plains in New Zealand


I would also like to add a recent picture shot by myself.

15. "River in spring"

One more