Neos 5.1 | Flow 6.1 Feature Freeze Statement

Dear Neos Community, yesterday we created new branches for Flow 6.1 and Neos 5.1. Many people contributed to a very nice list of new features you can expect for the release. We have lots of UI improvements and also totally new features like Fusion. Form on the list. To get an overview pls visit the release board and take a look at the “Done” column.

But we are not there yet!! Now is the time to test all of those new features and make sure everything works as expected. Nobody can do that better than the entire community together!!

That’s why I’d like to encourage everybody in the Neos community: Check out the lastest branch (5.1 or 6.1) and test test test the hell out of it. Take your beloved Neos project, rebase it to the current branch and test as many features as you can. And… last but not least, let the contributors know about a successful test or nifty bug you have found. Just create a comment for it!

Thx for your help! The Neos team is looking forward to a very exciting “end of year” release.