Neos 7.1 - Single Blog Post Solution


I want to use Neos as a blog, but i’m facing the issue that i can’t create Single Blog page to display my posts. If i write 50 posts, i will have to create 50 pages and connect each page with my post, which is not the best solution obviously. Tried to search for a working plugin, but without a result.
Could anyone help me with the direction to search, please?

How do you like the first couple of blog packages listed here?

What you want is basically showing a list. An example for that is in the Neos.Demo site package.
If you want pagination etc. you should look at one of the mentioned blog packages.

First one is old
Second is old
In third works only article page, feed and category don’t work

First two plugins doesn’t support Neos 7.1
Third has only arcticle workin, and errors during work.
I will try third option, but maybe you have something different in your mind?

Im not sure I follow. The feed and category pages show all articles. Isn‘t that what you want?
I thought you want to build your own and just use the other plugins code as inspiration.