Neos 7 - Multisite Manual

I want to create a multisite project, but neos doesn’t run as a multisite by default.
Unfortunately I cannot find a documentary or video with information on what to do.
Do you think the launch of neos 7 is a good time to create a basic guide on how to expand neos7 single site into neos7 mulitsite?

Available Information:
One Neos - Many Websites

Thank you.

Which questions do you have?

Neos can run multiple sites by default. In the Site Module you can create a new empty one, assign a site-package (think template) and a host name.

All the packages around solve special cases that you probably will not need at all.

The only thing that has to be taken into account is that when you have multiple site packages installed all configuration from all packages is read but only the Root.fusion of the active Site.