Neos 8.0 login wallpaper

Hello, photographers in the Neos community,

The release of Neos 8.0 is getting closer every day. As is tradition, we would like to reach out to the community for the new login wallpaper. Please post your image suggestions below? Preferably images you took on your own.

The following rules apply to the image offers and the vote:

  • We need royalty-free images, and the licensing needs to be crystal clear.
  • Please submit a maximum of two pictures. (The first submitted two pictures per user will get into the vote)
  • We like to see the Neos community vote about the wallpaper. Entitled to vote are all forum users who registered two months ago and have at least one post in the forum.

The following sentence of the Neos brand guide could help you choose an image: The Neos imagery style is natural, friendly, and a bit blue to match the Neos colors. Images create an authentic, natural impression in contrast to the very technical topic of web content management. Artificially illuminated or colored environments do not correspond to this philosophy.

With our recent brand update, we now introduce a little twist in our wallpaper contest:
We would like you to submit your pictures with a focus on curiosity. It can be animals, observation of nature, or anything that might appeal to curious people to enhance the perception of our brand. If you want, you can add a few lines to explain how your picture relates to curiosity.

Please post your picture with the Neos login window tester from @bwaidelich: 18

To ensure that the image has a good quality, please also post a link to the original file.

If you want to see your image as the Neos 8.0 login wallpaper, you should hand the suggestions in until Tuesday, the 29th of March. The poll will open on Wednesday, the 30th of March, and be kept open for 5 days total until Sunday, the April 3rd.

Happy voting!


Tenerife | Parque Nacional del Teide

Zarautz | Spain

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Klutensee | Lüdinghausen


Fog over field

Morning in the Allgäu



Spring is in the Air


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Volcán de fuego in Guatemala


Volcán de agua in Guatemala


The voting will be open until Sunday, the April 3rd:

  • Tenerife - Parque Nacional del Teide
  • Zarautz - Spain
  • Klutensee - Lüdinghausen
  • Fog over field
  • Morning in the Allgäu
  • Spring is in the Air
  • Volcán de fuego in Guatemala
  • Volcán de agua in Guatemala

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