Neos 8.3 login wallpaper

Greetings, photographers in the Neos community,

We are thrilled to announce that the release of Neos 8.3 is just around the corner. As per our tradition, we are seeking the community’s help in selecting the new login wallpaper. We kindly request you to submit your image suggestions below, preferably images that you took yourself.

To ensure the fairness of the contest, please keep in mind the following rules for image submission and voting:

  • The images must be royalty-free and have a clear licensing agreement.
  • You can submit a maximum of two pictures, and only the first two submissions per user will qualify for the vote.
  • We would love for the Neos community to vote on the wallpaper. All forum users who have registered for at least two months and have made at least one post are eligible to vote.

To assist you in selecting the appropriate image, please refer to the following sentence from the Neos brand guide: “The Neos imagery style is natural, friendly, and a bit blue to match the Neos colors. Images create an authentic, natural impression in contrast to the very technical topic of web content management. Artificially illuminated or colored environments do not correspond to this philosophy.”

In line with our recent brand update, we have introduced a new theme for this year’s wallpaper contest. We request that you submit pictures that emphasize curiosity. This could include animals, observations of nature, or anything that may appeal to curious minds and enhance the perception of our brand. Additionally, you may add a brief description of how your picture relates to curiosity.

When submitting your picture, please use the Neos login window tester from @bwaidelich: Neos Login-Tester. Please ensure that the image is of high quality and include a link to the original file.

If you wish to have your image selected as the Neos 8.3 login wallpaper, kindly submit your suggestions by Sunday, April 2nd. The voting poll will be open from Monday, April 3rd, to Monday, April 17th.

We look forward to seeing your submissions and happy voting!


Sardegna from above

Eilean Donan in Scotland

“Harry Potter Bridge”: Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland


NEOS sunrise login: sunrise at some Australian beach


Its been some time, but here we go. Some pictures of my last year france roadtrip.
I couldnt found a limit, so i tried to limit my self to 4 :sweat_smile:

Picture 1: Bridge

Picture 2: Pink & Blue
(made us very curios to see, but might be too pink for neos)

Picture 3: Beside The Streets

Picture 4: Sunset River


We want to thank everyone who submitted their wallpaper suggestions for the NeosCMS platform. We were blown away by the creativity and talent demonstrated by all of the submissions, and we appreciate your effort in making NeosCMS even more visually appealing.

However, we understand that some of you may have wanted to submit more than two wallpapers. Therefore, we have decided to raise the submission limit to three submissions per person.

We hope that this change will allow those of you with multiple ideas to share them all, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. Once again, thank you for your continued support and involvement in the NeosCMS community.

Best regards…

Wallpaper for Neos 8.3
  • Sardegna from above
  • Eilean Donan in Scotland
  • Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland
  • Sunrise at some Australian beach
  • Picture 1: Bridge
  • Picture 2: Pink & Blue
  • Picture 3: Beside The Streets
  • Picture 4: Sunset River

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Dear community,

We are pleased to inform you that Daniel Bischoff’s picture has been chosen as the winner and will be featured as the new wallpaper for the neos 8.3 login screen. We would like to extend our congratulations to Daniel for his excellent work.

Additionally, we would also like to acknowledge Fabian Tschök for securing second place with his impressive submission. His picture will be included in the Neos.Demo package.

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants who submitted their pictures, and to the community for their participation in the voting process.

Thank you all for your contributions to this initiative.