Neos 9 Beta-9 Release (Beta 8 Addendum)

The Neos development collection is tagged with a new beta: Neos 9 Beta-9

The Neos.Ui and Flow will remain on Beta-8

The reason for this fast new beta is a critical bug in the ContentGraph projection which lead to events not being able to be replayed. Thanks Marcin Sągol for uncovering this bug.

Upgrade instructions from Beta 8

In your composer.json you should require 9.0.0-beta9 for all Neos packages from the development distribution.

"neos/neos": "9.0.0-beta9",
"neos/neos-ui": "9.0.0-beta8"

Breaking changes in Neos

1.) !!! BUGFIX: Fix schema of hierarchy relation table

Note that this needs a ./flow cr:setup and ./flow cr:projectionreplay --projection contentGraph

Further upgrade instructions from Beta7

Please head over to Neos 9 Beta-8 Release - #2 by Marc

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