Neos and Cloudflare's API?

does anyone know a Plugin/NeosDefaultHelpers to use Cloudflare and particular to work with Cloudflare-API to flush/purge the cloudflare-cache for a particular zone/url/tag?

I did it for a customer project once and mainly based it on what moc.varnisch does. The main things that made problems were.

  1. you only can pass a limited amount of bytes as tags to cf. so I ended up md5-Ing. Neos tags and use only the first n-chars
  2. you can only purge a limited amount of tags in one request so you often will have to send multiple cache purge requests at once.

Because of those unsatisfying limitations we never made this a generic package.

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Thanks @mficzel
Regrettably I have too little experience with Neos-Internals, Development and Cloudflare-processes right now. But for my simple needs and current understanding, it would be enough to detect “involved” documents (from changes in Backend) and purge those pages/websites via CloudFlare API while flushing the Neos-Cache.

Probably a too steep path for the first try to create own EEL-Helper or some other Helper-Solution in a Plugin.

Anyhow, maybe you or someone else would give me a hint/link to Plugin(s), which

  • creates an EEL-Helper
  • use an external API connection
  • hook into Neos’ cache-flush-process

Practical examples from which I can conduct own needs/solutions are always the easier way to learn, understand and store in the brain, then to read theoretical description …

This one has all the hooks in place and you basically have to replace varnish with cloudflare and work around the CF-limitations.