Neos and Flow Meetup Munich 12th May 2016


we’ve scheduled our first Neos and Flow Meetup on May 12th. If you’re interested in it or know someone who wants to attend, we’d appreciate if you join us:

The first Meetup will consist of one talk that and a discussion about how often we should meet and what the Meetup should be about (e.g. should we only try to find people talking about stuff or do we want to work on documentation, strategies how to market Neos etc.).

If you’re interested in doing a talk, please get back to me. What I think might be great is if someone could talk about Inspiring Con and the news that have been announced there. I couldn’t attend myself this year so it would be greate if someone who was there would be willing to do a talk :slight_smile:
If there are only german attendees we’ll talk german, if not, we’ll talk english.